“My children have been coming to Bayside Martial Arts for the last 5 years and we love it.

“The sense of community is wonderful and the instructors are committed to their Art as well as their students.

“I have also joined as an adult beginner and feel comfortable and inspired by the other students and the hard work they put into each training session.”

Jane Suter

Our daughter has been a student of Renshi Amanda for nearly 6 years and we are so very glad to be part of BMA.  The classes are disciplined and ever-respectful of Renshi’s karate ancestry going right back to Soke Kubota, creating a sense of history, tradition and family.  Amanda’s own karate skills are formidable but she displays these not with raw aggression, but with the style of one who understands the beauty and importance of each movement.

Our girl started out meek and mild and has grown under Renshi’s guidance to become a strong, fit and self-assured young lady who has developed some serious martial arts skills.  She studies traditional kata, self defence and even nun-chaku and bo staff techniques along with the Japanese terms for all.  She has had ample opportunities to compete against other clubs in Queensland, NSW, New Zealand and even Japan but enjoys Renshi’s own invitational tournament held right here in Hervey Bay the most. 

Best of all, the skills and character she has developed under Renshi Amanda’s tutelage has impacted all other aspects of her life and contributed to her being a responsible and caring member of the community.  I highly recommend giving it a go!

Chris & Kym Harris

“Martial Arts just isn’t a sport to me, it is a huge part of my life. It’s my passion and I love it so much!

“I have been doing Martial Arts for many years now. Ever since I joined Bayside Martial Arts, I have developed and learnt so much more because of my amazing instructors: Renshi Amanda, Sempai Collin, Sempai Sebastian, Sempai Taylah, and not forgetting my amazing team mates, there amazing families and support!”

Kiana Katene

“Family run business, family friendly dojo. Having come from a different dojo, it was amazing to see the difference when real karate is being taught and the instructors know how to teach children.

“Bayside Martial Arts is organised, efficient and focused but also fun for the kids. Highly recommended.

Deryck Hunt