Self defence, self awareness and self confidence

Self-defence is a defence permitting reasonable force to be used to defend one’s self or another. It is a countermeasure that involves defending the health & well-being of oneself from harm.

Although most people throughout their lifetime will not need to use Self Defence of reasonable force, it is still a great knowledge to possess!

Self defence techniques & recommended behaviour is systematically taught during self defence classes. Learn the very basics of “breaking free” from being grabbed or restrained. As you progress through the grades, improve your skills & rise in confidence, move on to the more advanced techniques which can include throws, take downs, joint locks & submissions.

Learn footwork & evasion maneuvers with counter attack options & improve your reaction time!

Self confidence is an amazing thing & can do wonders for oneself. At Bayside Martial Arts we aim to raise each individuals confidence to the highest level.

This in return along with competent training can help a child stand up to bullying or an adolescent protect themselves from imminent attack.

Learn to read and sense the danger of a possible attack or situation. Reduce your risk of becoming a victim

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