Give your child the leading edge!

At Bayside Martial Arts, you can watch your child grow & mature into a confident, self-assured young adolescent.
Not only to learn a unique set of skills, but develop into a caring, responsible & more honourable member of the public.

It’s easier to build boys & girls – then to mend men & women

How can my child benefit from Karate training?

  • Learn to Concentrate & stay Focused – Watch/listen to instructions & put these into practice by training basic movements, katas (forms/patterns) & sparring techniques. Martial Arts is well recognized for improving focus & discipline. A great tool for character development from children to adults.
  • Develop self discipline – Learn to take responsibility for their own actions & avoid negative peer pressure.
  • Develop self respect – Towards others in a nurturing, but disciplined environment as they interact with other children & their instructors.
  • Develop self confidence –With increased confidence & the correct mentality, this will help them apply & further achieve in other areas of life including their Schooling & other Sports.
  • Learn self defence – With increased confidence, be able to stand up to bullying.
  • Learn how to establish & accomplish goals – As they grade through the ranks, learn new skills or compete in competition.
  • Learn sportmanship & leadership skills – Actively during class & in Competitions. More advanced Students take part in helping newer students & taking warm-ups.

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