Improve your fitness

Students studying Martial Arts at any level will experience the benefits that both transform their physical health & mental clarity. Practicing Martial Arts gives you a complete, total body workout. When you engage in this training, you are utilizing incredible physical energy.

Results increase proportionally to your dedication to the discipline making it suitable for the beginner all the way through to the most advanced athlete. Below are some things you can look forward too:

  • Increased strength & power.
  • Improved flexibility, balance & co-ordination.
  • Improved speed & reaction time (reflexes).
  • Weight loss, increased muscle tone & muscle memory.
  • Improved stamina through both aerobic & anerobic exercise.
  • Increased energy levels.

Variety of training

Although Martial Arts requires an unbelievable amount of repetition to be able to execute your technique to near as perfection as possible, you will enjoy the different variety of activities that can be undertaken in any one given class.

Shotokan Karate has a tremendous amount of different techniques to learn which in turn piece together to perform Kata (patterns/forms). Below are some things you can look forward too:

  • Practice basic techniques of stances, blocking, punching, kicking & striking known as Kihon.
  • Put techniques together to perform demonstrations known as Kata.
  • Practice movements of footwork with technique for sparring drills & combat known as Kumite.
  • Practice technique & Kata with traditional weaponry.
  • Circuit training which gives a different type of high intensity training.
  • Self Defence techniques & application.
  • Focus Pad & Bag work to sharpen your skills & increase your power. Great way to deliver your technique without going into Sparring Combat.
  • Range of activities & exercises that often incorporate your Martial Arts techniques at the same time.

There’s no better way to improve your fitness – whilst having fun learning the ancient art of Karate

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